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Herdade do Peso Trinca Bolotas Red

Herdade do Peso Trinca Bolotas Red

Sogrape Vinhos

  • €950

Herdade do Peso Trinca Bolotas Red 

Trinca Bolotas is a delicious red typical of the Alentejo, within the Herdade do Peso range - an exuberant, enticing collection of wines whose flavours, aromas and colours are a delightful reflection of their very special place of birth.

Sogrape Vinhos is a family-run company with a strong focus on exports and international markets. The company ethos is based on the production of quality wines, on the innovation and development of Portuguese brands. Sogrape Vinhos is the proud owner of more than 830 hectares of vineyards in Portugal.

Additional Information

Designation of Origin: DOC Alentejo  Region: Alentejo Cor: Tinto Alcohol: 14,5%
Store: Trinca Bolotas is at its peak two to three years after the vintage, but can continue to evolve in a positive way for several years more. The bottle should be kept on its side in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. 
Serve: Trinca Bolotas Red  is best served at between 16ºC-18ºC.
Enjoy: It is a very versatile wine given its balance between tannins, acidity and fruit. It can be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by either pasta or white meat, or more elaborate traditional dishes.

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