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Tricana - Sardine Filets in Spicy Olive Oil

Tricana - Sardine Filets in Spicy Olive Oil

Conserveira de Lisboa

  • €460

Sardine Filets in Spicy Olive Oil

Sardine fillets, with no skin and no bones, preserved in olive oil with a spicy twist.

Feature: Fillets with no skin and bones.
Ingredients: Sardine, Olive Oil, Salt and Piri-piri
Net weight: 120g

Conserveira de Lisboa

Conserveira de Lisboa was first known as Mercearia do Minho and was established in 1930. Since then, the core business was canned food because one of its founders, Fernando da Silva Ferreira, was a retailer of this product. He started his activity as an employee and saved enough to purchase 1/3 of the company.

In 1942 Conserveira de Lisboa was consolidate as the official name after being through some different partnerships, even though Fernando da Silva was always a main partner in the company. During the 60s/70s the company achieved success by owning two big warehouses. This was a time when there was a lot of demand for canned food in Portugal.

TRICANA is a registered brand of Conserveira de Lisboa since 1942. TRICANA offers a range of big fishes, with a full maturation and it's known by its one piece filets mannually placed inside each can.

Product from Lisboa

Fish Can Sardine Bell pepper Olive oil Salt

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