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Ecologic Slippers

Ecologic Slippers


  • €2200

Ecologic Slippers 

Ecologic slippers, made with the production remains from other Ecolã products.

Size 37/38/39/40/41/42/43

Available in different colours.

Ecolã Portugal

In the heart of Serra da Estrela’s natural park, in Europe’s largest glacial valley – Zêzere Glacier Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage candidate – we find Manteigas, a village connected to wool and its transformation. 

Since the 12th century, the region is known for its major activity in the wool processing field. It enjoys great prestige from the wool’s intrinsic quality, the mastery of spinning, the great aesthetic sense of the final product and the irrefutable socioeconomic impact in this sparsely populated area where wool gained a unique status, synonymous with regional identity.

In the Clara’s family for three generations, since 1925, Ecolã distinguishes itself for making all the wool cycle, since the shearing until the final product, with special emphasis in Burel. With a past connected to the shepherds from Serra da Estrela – where the company is placed, the confraternities and the religious orders, Burel is a rustic tissue, waterproof and highly resistant. This wool come from the “Bordaleira” sheep (sheep of this region) and is making the History since the medieval age. Today assumes new shapes, new works, but with the fidelity to the material and his origins.
Since 1995 Burel has taken a contemporary touch. A new concept of clothes, accessories and home products (blankets, throws…) follows tendencies but walking side-by-side with the tradition.

Ecolã works in an ecological and sustainable way, with traditional techniques and with a major part of the work handmade.

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Product from Centro de Portugal

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