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Reserva da Família Olive Oil Organic/Demeter

Reserva da Família Olive Oil Organic/Demeter

Risca Grande

  • €1990

"Reserva da Família" Olive Oil Organic/Demeter 500mL

Gourmet oil – our most award-winning and top-rated olive oil. Made from olives which are harvested at the optimal level of ripeness and sourced from selected olive groves. The cuvée is a composition of traditional Portuguese olive varieties complete with exclusive outer packaging.

Olival da Risca

Located in the southeast of Portugal, between the Spanish border and the river Guadiana, there is an area well known for the cultivation of olives. It offers optimal conditions for the organic production of Risca Grande's fruits and our olives. The extensive olive grove extends over 105 out of a total of 130 hectares of land. Risca Grande totals 20 000 olive trees that are between 5 and 500 years old. The entire property is managed according to the guidelines of biodynamic cultivation.

The Olival da Risca olive oils are all ‘extra virgin’ oils – top class organic olive oils of Demeter quality. As untreated natural products of the highest quality, the oils are carefully extracted from olives which have reached the optimal ripeness. Straight after harvesting, the olives are crushed into a paste to carefully obtain the olive oil by cold extraction at the estate's own oil mill.

This ensures that all the valuable ingredients in the olives are retained. The result are exceptional olive oils with an intense green to golden yellow colour, with a fruity flavour and distinctive smell. With their unique sensory properties, the Demeter olive oils from Olival da Risca have won various renowned prizes and awards over the last few years.

Product from Alentejo


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