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Quinta dos Carvalhais Reserva Red

Quinta dos Carvalhais Reserva Red

Sogrape Vinhos

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Quinta dos Carvalhais Reserva Red 

Quinta dos Carvalhais is a brand that specialises in the production of the Dão's best, most exquisite wines and represents the pinnacle of winemaking in the region. Quinta dos Carvalhais encaptures the art, authenticity and pedigree of the best wines from the Dão.

Sogrape Vinhos is a family-run company with a strong focus on exports and international markets. The company ethos is based on the production of quality wines, on the innovation and development of Portuguese brands. Sogrape Vinhos is the proud owner of more than 830 hectares of vineyards in Portugal.

Additional Information 

Designation of Origin: DOC Dão  Region: Dão Colour: Red Alcohol: 14%
Store:Like all red wines from the Dão, this wine has an extended life in the bottle and, if stored properly, will easily keep for 10-15 years. Once opened, it should be consumed the same day, although it can be kept in good conditions for some time if the bottle is well stoppered, ideally with a vacuum seal.

Serve: Store in a horizontal position in a cool, dry place. Serve at a temperature between 16ºC-18ºC, and preferably decant the wine after 4-5 years in the bottle.

Enjoy: This wine is very gastronomic and perfect for meal-times. It combines wonderfully with roasted octopus or slow-roasted pork shoulder.

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