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Mateus Sparkling Rosé Brut Baga and Shiraz

Mateus Sparkling Rosé Brut Baga and Shiraz

Sogrape Vinhos

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Mateus Sparkling Rosé Brut Baga and Shiraz 

Mateus Sparkling Rosé Brut Baga and Shiraz is a non-vintage brut sparkling wine from Mateus, the Rosé specialist, with a youthful, fresh and contemporary style. Perfect for ceremony or celebration, this charming and elegant wine adds a sparkle to any occasion. Keeping with the brand's reputation and expertise,Mateus Sparkling marks another step in the brand's development of a broad range of different rosé profiles for the more outgoing and adventurous wine consumer.

Sogrape Vinhos is a family-run company with a strong focus on exports and international markets. The company ethos is based on the production of quality wines, on the innovation and development of Portuguese brands. Sogrape Vinhos is the proud owner of more than 830 hectares of vineyards in Portugal.

Additional Information

Designation of Origin: Sparkling Wine Colour: Rosé Alcohol: 10,5%
Store: Despite being best enjoyed at its freshest, when stored the bottle should be kept in a dry and cool place, sheltered form light
Serve: Serve between 6ºC-8ºC
Enjoy: Mateus Sparkling Rosé Brut Baga and Shiraz makes a delicious aperitif and lends itself perfectly to canapés. As something totally different, it's also great with roast suckling pig,or an indulgent end to a memorable meal, as an accompaniment to fresh fruit tarts, fruit salads and strawberry or raspberry Pavlova.

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