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Honey (500g)

Honey (500g)

António Lages

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Honey (500g)

The honey here produced, commonly known as honey from Gerês, has a dark shade resulting from the abundant and diverse honeybee flora. It is of excellent quality and produced in the absence of pollution, not containing any dye or chemical preservative. It is very much appreciated, as a highly beneficial food, ideal for children (aged > 12 months) and for adults.

Sometimes appears crystallized, which proves its high level of naturalness and quality. In this case should be heated in "water bath" at a temperature below 40°C.

The characteristics of this type of honey included it in the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) "Mel Terras Altas do Minho".

The practice of apiculture in the area of the National Park of Peneda-Gerês, is an activity which comes from distant times, as the food value of honey has always provided great appetite to its collection and production. In these hills there are several traces of the use of bees by man, not only in the oral or culinary traditions, as descriptions of apiculture practice, but also a presence of "silhas" or old beehives, indicators of the presence of the bear.

The bees of this region are members of the family Apidae, subfamily Apinae, genus Apis Mellífera Mellífera, also called Iberian Mellífera Apis, dark bee is unusually well suited to soil and climate conditions of the region with great ability. Bees as pollinators, collaborate in maintaining biodiversity, contribute to the reproduction of flora, thus contributing to the sustainability and diversification of the forest.

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