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This autonomous region is an archipelago of volcanic origin located southwest of mainland Portugal. The two main islands have very different landscapes. The biggest one - Madeira - is characterized by an abrupt coast punctuated by small rocky beaches and a mountainous, green inland. The smallest one - Porto Santo - is lower, with a shore of golden sandy beaches, and a predominantly flat and dry inland.

Shortly after the discovery of this archipelago, in the fifteenth century, the subtropical mild climate combined with the fertile volcanic soil enabled the cultivation of vineyards, banana and sugarcane plantations by Portuguese settlers.

Madeira is a promising destination throughout the year, with mild summers and mild winters, allowing for outdoor activities such as hiking on secular Laurisilva forests, adventure sports, diving into the inviting natural pools on the island, enjoying the sun in the numerous rocky beaches as well as whale watching, fishing and sailing.

The city of Funchal, capital of the region, offers a diversity of cultural activities, botanical gardens and beautiful landscapes.

Funchal and Porto Santo

The best beaches are in Porto Moniz, Ponta do Sol and Porto Santo.

Sé do Funchal, Igreja de São João Evangelista do Colégio do Funchal, Forte São João Baptista - Aquário da Madeira...

Soups: Wheat soup

Fish and Seafood: black scabbard fish with banana slices, grilled tuna, grouper, mullet, swordfish, limpets, snails ...

Meat: beef skewers, wine and garlic marinated beef

Fruit and Sweet: mango, banana, avocado pear, custard apple and passion fruit, honey cake, cheesecake, fennel candy

Other: fried corn, shard cake, homemade couscous, sweet potato donuts, Poncha