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Besides the Serra de São Mamede and Marvão, this region includes vast plains from the "lezírias" (marshlands) to the Algarve region. By the Tagus river, in addition to the vineyards, melon, tomato, wheat, corn and rice productions, several breeders dedicate their work to one of the most beautiful horses in the world - the Lusitano Horse.

The population in Alentejo is concentrated in areas around small elevations, usually topped by a castle. Outside these places, the landscape is dominated by the "montado", a forestry system, (specially with cork oaks and olive trees), as well as cattle production.

The cork oak trees in this region produce about half of the cork commercialized in the world.

Event though this is one of the driest areas in the country, there are also several lakes in Alentejo, including the Barragem do Alqueva, the largest dam in Western Europe.

Along the fabulous coast, there are several beautiful beaches and coves worth visiting.

Alentejo has a temperate climate, with continental and Mediterranean characteristics: mild winters and hot and dry summers.

Santarém, Portalegre, Évora, Sines, Beja.

The best beaches are in Grândola, Sines and Odemira.

Catedral de Santarém, Castelo de Santarém, Aqueduto dos Pegões, Castelo de Marvão, Castelo de Castelo de Vide, Castelo de Portalegre, Castelo de Elvas, Palácio de Vila Viçosa, Castelo de Vila Viçosa, Templo Romano de Évora (Diana), Catedral de Évora, Castelo de Évora, Castelo de Estremoz, Castelo de Borba, Castelo de Beja, Castelo de Serpa, Castelo de Mértola…

Soups: Gazpacho (cold soup), Stone Soup, Dogfish soup, Tomato soup with sausage

Fish and Seafood: Fish stews, seafood bread soup, fresh fish (on the coast)

Meat: Roasted or fried lamb, beans with chorizo, pork with migas (Alentejo bread soup)

Fruit and Sweet: Tigeladas, bean and egg pastries, siricaia (it is a truly Alentejo dessert, which combines eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon to perfection), encharcada (a kind of eggs and sugar pudding) of the Convent of Santa Clara (Évora) ...

Other: Olive oil, bread, herbs, wild herbs, cheese, black pork ham, torresmos (cracklings), tomato sauce eggs, scrambled eggs with wild asparagus, roasted peppers