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A Portuguese house brings health and tradition to the table!

The Mediterranean Diet is a particularly valued food with ancient tradition, recently ranked as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO especially to be associated with an increase in average life expectancy, the prevention of type 2 diabetes, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and internal inflammation, among others. 

This heritage, shared by seven countries - including Portugal - is based on the intake of vegetables, fruit, bread and wholegrain cereals, legumes, nuts and oilseeds (such as walnuts, almonds or nuts), fish and white meat instead of red meat, using olive oil as the main source of fat. Fresh and dried herbs are frequently used in the Mediterranean kitchen, reducing the amount of salt added in food confection. The moderate consumption of red wine with a meal is also common. All this happens around the table where family and friends gather, passing on knowledge between generations.

As a nutritionist, licensed by the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Porto (Portugal) and passionate about our food, I intend to disclose Portugal abroad. I integrate the mission of promoting the tradition of a country, which, although not bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, has its roots in a diet and habits with these characteristics.

Come and discover, through our products, Portugal as a country of sun and sea, of bread and wine, history and monuments, Fado and Saudade…

Certainly a portuguese house!

Mariana Batista