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Grão Vasco Dão White

Grão Vasco Dão White

Sogrape Vinhos

  • €580

Grão Vasco Dão White

Grão Vasco Dão White is a light, lively wine combining the classic elegance of Dão whites with the great versatility of everyday consumption. Grão Vasco is a leading brand bringing you the flavour of authentic Portuguese wines.

Sogrape Vinhos is a family-run company with a strong focus on exports and international markets. The company ethos is based on the production of quality wines, on the innovation and development of Portuguese brands. Sogrape Vinhos is the proud owner of more than 830 hectares of vineyards in Portugal.

Additional Information

Designation of Origin: DOC Dão  Region: Dão Colour: White Alcohol: 12,5%
Store: One of the main characteristics of good Dão white wines is their longevity. Although during the first couple of years it reveals a remarkable freshness for those who only like young white wines, after that period it develops very well, gaining in complexity what it loses in freshness. Once open the wine reacts very well to oxidation and therefore may be stored in the refrigerator for 1 or 2 days without affecting quality.
Serve: It should be served at 8ºC-10ºC.
Enjoy: Grão Vasco White may be enjoyed simply as an aperitif or accompanying fish dishes,seafood, salads or even light white meats.

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