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Selected Assorted Biscuits Can 400g


  • €960

Selected Assorted Biscuits Can 400g (2X200g)

Ingredients: wheat and corn flour, sugar, vegetable margarine, eggs, milk whey, soy lecithin,  raising agents (E500, E503), baker´s yeast, salt, glucose, flavours, cocoa powder, preservative (E223), vanillin, white wine and beer. Chocolate coverage (sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, vanillin). Contains gluten, eggs, milk, soy and sulfites. May contain traces of nuts.


"Paupério Biscuits Factory" emerged in the 19th century as a partnership between António de Sousa Malta Paupério and Joaquim Carlos Figueira. In 1874 the company took the name "Paupério e Companhia" and dedicated itself to the produce and trade of bread and biscuits. In 1974, the year of the April Revolution, the company celebrated its 100th birthday. Today, the business is managed by the fifth generation of the Figueira family, maintaining a range of shortbread biscuits made with the same recipes used since the company's establishment. The technology used is still low tech. Some of its devices are museum pieces in themselves.

Product from Porto and the North

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