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The raw materials, such as cork, are conquering more and more the status of nobility and admiration of an increasing number of consumers worldwide.

Portugal is a privileged country with 736 thousand hectares of oak forest “montado”, a large dark-green patch in the map which places us among the world’s 7 great producers of cork: Portugal, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, France, Tunisia and Italy.

Beyond the Tagus river, reigns the Mediterranean cork oak, Quercus Suber, from where Portugal extracts every year about 190 thousand tons of harvest cork, which corresponds to 50% of the world’s production. The cork oak is a tree that needs to be nurtured and loved by successive generations. Only after 25 years, its productive life begins when the tree trunk reaches a circumference of 70 cm and the nine-year cycle of growth and harvest can be initiated, and it may last for more than 150 years.

Manuela Graça and Paola Graça’s passion for cork translated in to the development of a special collection – ARTELUSA – to national and foreign clients. Through partnerships with small specialized industries and a lot of imagination they have been creating a diverse range of products from office supplies to fashion, including elegant bags and purses, belts and even an unusual and stunning umbrella!

All products are handmade from a premium natural cork fabric.

If the product is out of stock, the delivery time may be longer, depending on supplier availability. 

Product from  Lisboa

Umbrella ARTELUSA Cork

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